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Amazonica 21

The previous 6,2m model's speciality is the river / canal boating. The wildest situations out of place, whether it's a narrow channel or open water a half-meter waves. Ideal for anglers or the wild water world of discovery.


amazonoca 23 pontoonboat

Amazonica 23 - The new models

Sophisticated design 7m deck boat that has been designed for Europe's water ways. Ideal for spending weekends, hiking, fishing, or for pure relaxation. And a yacht harbor is also represented. Cabin comfortably accommodate two people, the deck is arranged with as they please.

 aluminium tunel hull

The technology

The 3 mm thick aluminum alloy hull is an improved version of the pontoon boats. In fact, a sliding body (un. TUNEL hull). Very stable and due to high dynamic buoyancy quarter of the power is enough to move than a similar-sized conventional small ships. The pontoons and the double-wall central body plain filled withf fire and water-resistant foam, so leak-proof.

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Welcome to the website Amazonica fishing boats

Why just the ship Amazonica?

Our boats are spacious setting, excellent stability and comfort are.

Due to its special design their bodies float effortlessly glide across the water.

Due to the latter matures little energy, so are suitable for electric or hybrid drive is thus less impact on the environment. The boat made of a special naval aluminum. The decks are made of weather-resistant red pine. The cabin inside cover of pine. Because of environmental reasons, plastic contains only trace amounts, so double-environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Transport - Lagerung

Wie üblich Katamarane, benötigen sie keine spezielle Handhabung angepasste Ausrüstung. Eine entsprechende Breite flach Anhänger ist gerade genug, um zu transportieren. Das Boot kann in den Boden oder auf dem Hof zum Beispiel Winterlager direkt platziert werden. Der Boden der Ponton-Rohre sind mit einer Führungsschiene versehen ist.


  • 2 Anchor (manual)
  • Cockpit Table
  • Cockpit Carpet
  • Warps, sink, WC
  • Electronic Equipment for shipping: navigation lights, horn
  • 4 Battery (Pb) 24V 100 Ah (4 x 50 Ah C5 batteries as starter kit)
  • 250 W / h solar panel and charge controller + motor charger
  • Main Circuit Breakers, switches
  • Electric Bilge Pump
  • Steering up to 40 KW engine + remote control cables

2 beds (195 and 175 cm x 65 cm), camping toilet, sink, table and numerous storage compartments

Outboard engine: Min 7.5 kW up to 40 kW outboard engines. (not included)

Electric motor: Battery and motor according to your request. (only basic battery set included)

Fuel capapacity: 50 l built-in tank. Reserve fuel: 2 x 20 l jerry can (built-in box)

Technical Specifications

Planned to inland waters, water zone 3 certified (or class D)

Marine ALU vessel and cabin, redwood platfoms.

Length: 7 m
Width: 2.05 m
Weight: 0.65 t
Draft: 0.25 m
Sidewall: 0.5 m
Total height: 1.9 m
Cabin interior height: 1.55 m
Cabin width 1.82 m
Cabin interior length of 2.75 m
Deck: 3,3m x 1,85 m
Poop deck: 1.1 m X 1.85

Standard equipment price: 14 900 EUR

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aft and cabin aft deck, poop

back view cabin inner

cockpit inner chemical toalaet